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The foundation for any business is its employees. Like wheels on a car, the goods and services your company offers may be the parts of your business that your customers see, but without great employees working as a motor to keep the vehicle running, your company becomes a pile of spare parts.  What many employers fail to recognize, though, is that their employees – like a motor – can’t run without proper fuel and care. Their employees’ needs get lost in the hustle of trying to push their product to the top, and that short-sightedness can cost them revenue or even their entire business.

The reverse, however, is also true. Business owners who appreciate and care for their workers will see big rewards in many areas of their business, including:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Retention rates

No matter how many employees you have, their happiness is imperative to the success of your business, and the results can be seen firsthand by your customers.

Steering Toward Better Customer Satisfaction

If there’s one place that many of us have seen the negative impacts of low employee morale, it’s at the DMV. When I recently had to visit my own local DMV to get my Real ID to fly without a passport, I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one who had to complete this task. The center was packed, everyone inside was impatient and miserable, and I had braced myself for the employees to be feeling the same as the customers were.

Instead, I was helped by an employee who was pleasant, had a smile on his face, and treated me like a person. After he had helped me and I awaited the next step in the process, I watched him greet every other person the same way. Soon enough, the customers’ demeanor changed, and a two-hour experience that could have been miserable became significantly more pleasant. The employee who helped me at the counter was equally kind and cheerful, and I had to ask, “Why are you guys so happy around here?” The response was simple: their management team treated them well.

My experience at the DMV impressed upon me the necessity of treating our employees well, having seen how it impacted not only the workers, but also the customers. If a trip to the DMV could be a positive experience thanks to happy employees, surely any business can achieve the same.

Keeping the Motor Running

The old saying that “Money can’t buy happiness” also applies to business owners and their employees. A great salary and an end-of-the-year bonus will certainly entice employees to start or continue working for you, but big paychecks alone won’t keep them happy if they don’t feel appreciated and valued. Your employees deserve to be treated as people in your company, not objects that can be bought with the right amount of money.

The chain reaction that comes with content employees will be felt throughout your business. Improved customer service in a client-facing role can make customer satisfaction skyrocket. Even in a more behind-the-scenes role, high employee morale can lead to permanent increases in productivity and decreased absenteeism. And of course, employees who already feel valued aren’t likely to leave your business for a competitor who will treat them the way they deserve. All of this can lead to increased profits for your company, and more importantly, it will lead to your employees leading happier, more fulfilling lives.

A Benefits Plan That Fuels Your Workforce

While there are many ways to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work, one of the most efficient ways you can do so is by building a benefits plan that makes them the priority. Many business owners cut corners on their plan in the name of cost-saving, and while this approach may seem to help their bottom line on the surface, it can cause deep resentment (and poor health) among employees.

Instead, work with your adviser on making your plan more employee-centric. Ask questions such as:

  • Does my plan save my employees money?
  • Does my plan adequately cover my employees’ health needs?
  • Is my plan easily accessible?
  • Do my employees understand their plan and how to use it?

A plan that delivers a resounding “yes” to each of those questions can go a long way in communicating to your workers that you care for them and value their place in your company.

On The Road to Happier Employees

Your employees spend a significant portion of their lives with you, and the least you can provide in return for their hard work is an environment that makes them feel proud to work for your business. By remembering that your employees are your greatest assets and treating them as such, you can help both your individual workers and your business as a whole, and reexamining your benefits plan is a great place to start.

Contact us today to learn more about how your benefits plan can help you thank your employees for all their hard work.

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