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Reduce your Healthcare Spend

If your business is like most in the United States, chances are that your employee benefits spend may be your second largest operating expense. While a necessary component to a healthy and productive workforce, the cost of benefits has quickly become unsustainable. Our team of advisers work with your organization to assess your healthcare on the supply-chain level to effectively reverse the trend and reduce your overall spend from 20-40%. The savings is direct to bottom line, unlocking working capital, increasing profits and enabling growth.

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Improve Quality of Benefits

While our supply-chain analysis consistently uncovers wasted budget for your company, it also assesses quality of care and associated costs for your employees. This level of transparency empowers employees to make more informed decisions that result in better healthcare for less out-of-pocket. A well designed benefits package should work as a competitive advantage for your business to increase retention, improve productivity, and attract top talent for your workforce. 

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No Conflicts of Interest

The typical broker-client relationship has built-in conflicts of interest in that commissions continue to rise along renewal increases. When we take on a case, we sit on the same side of the table with our clients. Our compensation is based on your success to ensure everyone’s interests are fully aligned. This results-based consulting approach even allows you to keep your current broker while we assess and advise strategies that produce better outcomes.

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