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Without employees, you have no business. The people who work for you don’t just bring in money for the company – they’re the faces of your entrepreneurial pursuits. A bad experience with a single employee can drive a customer away forever, but a great customer service experience will keep people coming back again and again. If your employees are helping your business grow, they deserve the best possible treatment in return.

By providing your employees with high-quality benefits they can afford, you expand the purpose of your own mission, creating a happier and healthier world one employee at a time.

The Backbone of Your Business

Many employers see their relationship with their workers as mutually beneficial by default: they provide work for you, and you financially compensate them for that work. The truth, though, is that your employees act as your company’s spine, holding up all the other elements of your business so they don’t fall apart. Think about the steps you take to protect your spine throughout your own life. You may take bone or joint supplements, or maybe you practice yoga or other exercises to keep it strong and flexible. At the very least, you’re probably more worried about injuring your back than bruising your shin.

Your employees deserve this same dedication and protection. If your workforce is weakened by high turnover or absenteeism, or if your company doesn’t offer high-quality benefits plans compared to your competition, the support holding up your business will falter or fail.

A Way to Give Back

Taking care of your employees doesn’t only involve making sure they get paid on time – it means doing your absolute best to make sure they stay healthy and provided for. Your benefits plan can be one of your most powerful tools to protect your employees and preserve their happiness by:

  • Offering affordable care and treatment options
  • Saving you money, which you can pass down as bonuses and raises
  • Educating them on how to get the best quality care at the lowest cost

Your plan can be just another annual expense, but it should be a tool that can improve your employees’ health and sense of security. Providing your workers with low-cost, high-quality benefits is the perfect way to show them that you appreciate everything they do to help your business succeed.

The Ripple Effect

The impact of giving your employees great benefits can extend far beyond the employees themselves. Imagine how their entire family may be affected if they didn’t have to worry about going into debt over their child’s sudden illness or their spouse’s upcoming surgery. Or perhaps the savings that get passed down to them could help them afford a bigger house or pay off overdue bills.

In fact, look beyond your employees’ immediate families. Think about the greater societal impact of a group of 100 employees who can afford to go see a doctor for contagious illnesses. Without a good plan, your employees may dismiss their symptoms as a simple case of the sniffles – something they can push through without needing to visit the doctor. But if your employees can afford to be diagnosed and treated (better yet, if they can do so via telehealth, thus avoiding a trip to the doctor in the first place), they can get better faster while being armed with the information they need to avoid infecting others. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, one person can have a big impact on the health of an entire group of people, and you can do your part to help others stay healthy by focusing on the wellness of your own employees.

Looking Beyond the Business

Employees make our mission meaningful, and the ones who support your mission deserve the very best. Your benefits plan can give your workers the same support that they give you, and if you can provide them with benefits that keep them healthy while keeping their bank accounts full, your impact as a business owner will extend beyond the direct reach of your company and affect a wide range of people for the better.

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