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2019 was a year of change, and one of the largest changes my own business underwent was the shift from being known as The Benefits Group to rebranding as Dynamic Benefit Solutions. The difference between the two entities isn’t in name only – we’ve doubled down on our efforts to be the change we want to see in the benefits industry. Our mission, however, remains the same, and we strive to continue to build benefits plans that improves employees’ healthcare quality while creating savings from the ground up.

Here are some of the core components of what we believe a benefits plan should be:

A Custom-Made Plan

Many modern benefits plans are designed in a way that helps everyone but employers and employees. Brokers push one-size-fits-all plans onto employers and encourage them to renew each year, even though the plan may not be a good fit for the company. While many business owners value their brokers and all the hard work they’ve done over the years, most brokers only meet with employers when it’s time to renew their benefits plan. Even if they’ve been working with the company for a decade, they likely haven’t spent enough time getting to know your business to develop a plan that best suits its needs.

Your broker doesn’t have to build your plan alone, though. A benefits adviser can work with your business throughout the year, getting to know its strengths and challenges as it evolves. They can then serve as your new broker or work with your existing broker to deliver a plan that is perfectly suited for your business. This approach can save you money and provide better care for your employees, and you don’t have to say goodbye to your broker to achieve your desired results.

Making People The Priority

Your employees power your business, and they deserve a benefits plan that reflects that. Many modern benefits plans try to help companies save money at the employees’ expense, but these plans often backfire, decreasing recruiting and retention rates and lowering employee morale. A truly valuable plan will put your employees first by providing:

  • Accessible, high-quality healthcare
  • Affordable plans with opportunities to create additional savings
  • Education to utilize the tools in their plan and make informed choices about their healthcare

My mission has always been to provide high-quality, low-cost healthcare to employees, and we reject the notion that the best way for business owners to save on benefits plans is to shift costs to their workers. By developing plans that create savings from the inside out, we hope to contribute to a change in the benefits industry that positively impacts everyone in your company.

The Power Of Teamwork

One person alone can’t create a massive shift in the way your benefits plan affects your business. Just as your plan should be comprised of a variety of tools and strategies that work together to create savings, you and your employees won’t achieve the results you desire if you rely on your broker to do all the work in developing your plan.

By acting as a consultant, your adviser can meet with your broker to help them build a plan that best suits your business. Additionally, however, your adviser should also meet with you and your employees to help everyone impacted by your benefits plan as they learn how to use the tools provided to them. In time, your plan will cease to be just another annual expense and transform into a living machine that produces both savings and great healthcare.

A Commitment To Next-Generation Healthcare

We know that one group of passionate advisers isn’t going to single-handedly fix our nation’s healthcare system. But by building plans that are tailored to business’ individual needs, put employees first, and utilize everyone’s strengths to maximize its impact, we strive to change the benefits world one business at a time.

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